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The wearing of seat belts on forklift trucks.


In 2002 legislation came in that seat belts must be provided on the majority of forklift trucks where there is a risk of the driver being thrown around the inside of the cab or falling out if it overturns.

Today, some 16 years later, we find it exciting if when we arrive at a business to deliver training their staff are wearing them, because we think its safe to say 90% of places we turn up to do refreshers in around East Anglia they aren't.

This really is a sad state of affairs, and makes us as professional training providers fairly disheartened. We deliver a high standard of training, and one of the key factors that WILL save your life, the use of a restraining device, is ignored by the forklift drivers, and no enforcement policy in place by the owners of companies.

The majority of deaths involving forklift trucks in the UK and around the world today is still because the driver has been crushed underneath his/her machine. 

We continue to implore directors and senior managers of companies to take direct steps to prevent accidents like this one https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/local-news/19-year-old-worker-crushed-426136  from occuring, by making the use of seat belts compulsory on counterbalance type forklifts from the very day that candidates pass their training.