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Accidents in the workplace involving forklift trucks


Anybody still not familiar with the fact that forklift trucks in the workplace are involved in a large proportion of all workplace transport related accidents might like to keep an eye on a couple of websites that regularly give notice of convictions to businesses of all sizes.

Fines can be crippling to a business and rightly so where they do not protect their workers, and directors are being jailed more frequently. 

The two websites of great value and note that might encourage businesses to do more to protect workers by instigating among other things, compulsory use of seat belts on counterbalance trucks are

  1. The Safety And Health Practitioner https://www.shponline.co.uk/prosecution-and-in-court/?cid=nav&fwp_search=forklift Put Forklift in the SEARCH bar and click enter, pages and pages of incidents and convictions.
  2. The Forklift Training website https://www.fork-lift-training.co.uk/accidents/forklift-accidents.html