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Forklift and Plant Training For Farmers, Norfolk, Suffolk and across East Anglia.


Forklift Training

For Farmers

We at Kett Business Solutions Limited are very proud to live and work in rural East Anglia where we are among an estimated 40,000 people working in agriculture and farming. 

Just a few statistics we've looked up;

For the East of England region:

 Total Income from Farming decreased by 26% between 2012 and 2016 to £652 million (compared to a 30% decrease for England as a whole).

The biggest contributors to the value of the output (£3.4 billion) were: poultrymeat (£648 million), wheat (£431 million), fresh vegetables (£339 million) and pigs (£269 million), together accounting for 50%.

Agriculture in the East of England region in 2016 contributed 0.79% to the regional economy and employed 1.32% of the regional workforce. In comparison, England overall contributed 0.42% to the national economy and 1.12% of the workforce in 2016. (Source: Defra Aggregate agricultural accounts)

In the East of England the average farm size in 2016 was 116 hectares. This is larger than the English average of 85 hectares. Predominant farm types in the East of England region in 2016 were Cereals farms which accounted for 54% of farmed area in the region and General Cropping farms which covered an additional 29% of farmed area.  https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/697013/regionalstatistics_overview_04apr18.pdf

We are very aware of how difficult times have been for the farming community and are more than happy to commit to long term assistance when it comes to training your staff and workers.

Therefore we commit to charging Farms no more than £140 per day (plus vat) for all forklift courses which is a 30% discount on what we'd normally charge. Generally you can have up to 3 people per day on any forklift course, all for that great saving. Please, give us a call on 01502 712939 or email enquiries@kettbusinesssolutions.com