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Forklift Accidents Like This Should Be A Thing Of The Past Surely?

Ok so we’ve seen some catastrophic forklift accidents over the years but this is right up there as one of the worst.

It’s also one of the best visual aids in terms of showing how bad things can get and how lack of training, bad workplace management etc can lead ultimately to people losing their life in the course of a days work.

This was recently spotted in the Daily Mail, and while there is very little information of where it came from we are hard pressed to believe there weren’t any serious casualties resulting from this particular mishap.

There continue to be way too many incidents involving the use of forklift trucks in the UK, be they from lack of daily checks being performed keeping the trucks safe, operator error or lack of training and experience, or from rushed workers and bad management.

Why don’t we all make a concerted effort in 2019 to make incidents of this kind a thing of the past by focusing on training for not only forklift drivers but also for other members of staff who work along side them, their managers and supervisors, and up to date racking checks and information from SEMA?