RTITB Accredited Forklift Training

Hire A Forklift Driver Norwich, norfolk And Across East Anglia

Hire A Forklift Driver, Norwich, Norfolk And Across East Anglia



If you ever have a busy day ahead and get that untimely call that your sole Counterbalance, Reach or Bendi forklift driver is not coming in due to illness or an unexpected family situation, like us you know just how stressful that can be! It may take a day to get another driver organised via an Employment Agency and we wont mention the outgoings to organize such a feat.

If this is you how about giving us a call? We often have a highly skilled, long in the tooth and vastly experienced and insured RTITB forklift driver on hand with a little downtime who'd love to jump in the car and come to assist you in your hour of need. 

There's nothing like a calm and safe pair of hands, or should we say tines, in a stressful situation!

And above all it wont cost your firm a packet!

Just £50 for a half day or £100 for a full day plus VAT. You can't say fairer than that.

Call us immediately you are going to have a labour issue and we'll endeavor to get you back up to speed. Bear in mind we are located in Norwich, Norfolk. So anywhere in Norfolk or Suffolk are easy to get to, but if you are down in Witham it may take a little longer but we'll do what we can.

Call 01603 782790